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Here at L Hill Roofing Ltd being completely transparent is key. You will always receive an in-depth quote and consultation free of charge.

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Based near Reading, our location gives us the perfect travel network to undertake roofing projects in Berkshire and surrounding counties.

Roofing Services Reading & Berkshire

Here at L Hill Roofing Ltd, we cater for all types of residential roofing services Reading, Thatcham, Newbury and Berkshire and the surrounding areas. Based near Reading, we can easily travel anywhere throughout Berkshire for any type and size of roofing service. Not only this but we always strive to make sure we give our customers the most affordable and tailored roofing solution available within your budget and exact requirements.

If you require roofing services Reading and Berkshire and throughout the surrounding areas, our roofing team will be more than happy to arrange a free onsite visit to give you consultation and get a better understanding of the required work. Also, if you would like us to we can give 100% free quotes to demonstrate our transparency.

We are always more than happy to give our professional advice on any type of roofing service you would like completed. Get in touch for a free roofing quote today! 

Roofing Services Reading and Berkshire - L Hill Roofing Ltd

Our Roofing Services

We can perform all types of domestic roofing services throughout Reading and Berkshire.

Flat Roofing Services

L Hill Roofing Ltd can provide a wide range of flat roofing services including Fibreglass Flat Roofs, GRP Flat Roofs and High Performance Felt Flat Roofs.

Re Roofing Services

Our re-roofing services are great for anyone looking to revamp their existing roof without undergoing a more brand new expensive roof installation.

Roof Repairs

From roof leaks and water damage to broken slates and damp/mould problems, we can undertake all roof repairs across Reading and Berkshire.

Roof Slating & Tiling

We can provide roof slating and tiling services which has proven to quickly improve the aesthetics and look of a property in a very cost effective way.

Chimney Repairs

Our roofers can help with repairing chimneys including chimney rebuilds and restructuring, chimney cowls, chimney vents and much more.

Fascias, Soffits & Guttering

This encompasses your entire roofline system. It's vital water is efficiently transported away from your property, avoiding water pools and mould growth.

Extra Useful Advice

Due to the heavy rain we experience in this country now, we constantly deal with roof water damage. The team have seen countless properties / buildings experience serious damage, both in finical loss and health and safety. Therefore, we would advise installing a deep flow gutter system to cope with increasing heavy rain flow. If you would like to see our deep flow gutter system in action, click here to watch our YouTube video showing how it works.

Another thing we recommend due to lead being stolen for scrap value is using masterform to replace flashings, especially on low level roofs. If you have/are experiencing a problem and based within our working locations (Reading, Thatcham, Newbury and all surrounding areas around Berkshire) like this or would like to have free consultation, please get in touch for a free quote or calling us directly.

Customer Reviews

Our Customers Have Given Us A 9.9/10 Rating Based On 200+ Available To See Via Our Checkatrade Account For Roofing Projects Undertaken In Reading, Thatcham, Newbury & Berkshire.

Sabrina Thomson
Customer In Reading, Berkshire
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“The work was completed to a high standard and as per estimate. We will not bother with obtaining a number of estimates for any further work but will go straight to Leon. Highly recommended.”
Marc Anthony
Customer In Reading, Berkshire
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“All I can say it was a great pleasure to have met you both. Thank you for fixing my roof it doesn’t leak any more even in heavy rain. Workers like you are hard to find. Very professional.”
Jack Spencer
Customer In Henley-Upon-Thames
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“High quality craftsmanship and high quality material (tiles), they provided additional work (waste pipe restored at no extra cost).”

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